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A LES Online tem como objectivo contribuir para a reflexão sobre questões lésbicas e promover os direitos e a igualdade de oportunidade das mulheres lésbicas. Esta publicação é multilingue, podendo conter artigos em Português, Espanhol, Inglês ou Francês.

LES Online aims to contribute to the study of lesbian issues and to promote actions that improve lesbian equal opportunities and civil rights. This is a multi-language publication. Papers may be presented in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French.

Vol. 6, No 1 (2014): Proceedings of the II European Geographies of Sexualities Conference


Artigos | Articles

Editorial (English) Resumo PDF
Eduarda Ferreira 1-3
Editorial (Português) Resumo PDF
Eduarda Ferreira 1-3
The LGBTI community in the 2011 Queensland floods: marginality, vulnerability and resilience Resumo PDF
Andrew Gorman-Murray, Sally Morris, Jessica Keppel, Scott McKinnon, Dale Dominey-Howes 4-20
What can asexuality do for queer theories? Resumo PDF
Anna Kurowicka 21-27
Social Constructionism, Hegemonic Heteronormativity and Bisexuality Resumo PDF
Emma L. Smith 28-37
The ideology of compulsory heterosexuality and the abiding pathologization of homosexuality – is it possible to have authentic recognition without the concepts of freedom and choice? Resumo PDF
Alipio de Sousa Filho 38-44
My Spivak is bigger than yours: (Mis-)representations of polyamory in the Portuguese LGBT movement and mononormative rhetorics Resumo PDF
Daniel Cardoso 45-64
The medicalization of intersexuality and the sex/gender binary system: a look on the Italian case Resumo PDF
Michela Balocchi 65-78
“Free Pussy Riot!” & Riot Grrrlsm: International Solidarity, or the Incorporation of the ‘Eastern Other’ into North/Western Discourses? Resumo PDF
Maria Katharina Wiedlack 79-94
Transamerica and Queernormativity Resumo PDF
Daniel Berjano 95-103
Same-Sex Relationships in Cameroonian Prisons: Perspectives of Female Inmates and Prison Staff Members Resumo PDF
Helen Namondo Linonge-Fontebo 104-113
Homo Skin, Hetero Masks. A Representation of Italian Homonationalism Resumo PDF
Antonia Anna Ferrante 114-121

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